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If you are looking for a babysitter near me, Sandstone Point, Bribie Island to North Lakes, give us a try!

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Is there anyone legally denied access to your children?
Does Your Family observe any particular religious or cultural practices that are significant to your child?
Any Dietary Restrictions or Intolerances for your children?
Does your child/ren usually sleep during the day?
I/we give permission to KBS to apply adhesive strips to my child/ren if needed, if no please provide an alternative.
I/we give permission to apply 30/50+ sunscreen or insect repellent if required, if no please provide an option
I/we give permission for our Child/ren to participate in non-physical activities provided by KBS
I/we confirm that the information provided in this form is true and correct and I/we give consent to KBS to provide their care services to our Child/ren.

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