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Age activities & development

0 – 2 Years

A newborn enters the world with virtually no muscle control. They can’t hold their heads up on their own and they can’t even roll over. We’ll focus on the gross motor skills, including rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing and walking. As a baby gets older they will like to explore and discover new things in their own environment.

2 – 3 Years

Toodlers are very focused on play (age appropriate) our service’s aim is to maximise children’s engagement, provide opportunities for children to explore and learn new things.

3 – 5 Years

We offer a stuctured program in consultaion with parents that children can learn in their own environment by having fun and educational activities. The key focus with our service is to ensure your kids have fun, experience success, help children to develop a love of learning and ultimately transition effectively to school while still enjoying being a young child.

All Ages

Outdoor play is something all ages enjoy, Our service provides this in outdoor areas within your home environment. Play should always be age appropriate and is an excellent way to stimulate motor skills.


Our services provided by Katrinas Babysitting service are affordable and are available at Sandstone Point, Bribie Island & Caboolture to Northlakes. Fun activities with Katrinas Babysitting Service Sandstone Point. Our services provided by Katrinas Babysitting service are suitable for all ages including Babies, toddler, Kindergarten and outdoor play.